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Voyez ci-bas les 24 lettres de référence que nous avons reçu à ce jour, de propriétaires chez qui nous avons gardé la maison.
Please find below the 24 reference letters we received up to now from home owners where we sat.

April, 2018 - 25th reference letter received from home owner

Homesitting in Morin-Heights (Quebec, Canada) from March 21 to April 12, 2018

À tous les amis et les futures connaissances de Marie-France et Luc de HomeOsoleil,

Gardiennage du 21 mars au 12 avril 2018.

Nous partions 23 jours en plein dégel du printemps québécois et nous étions inquiets par toute la glace accumulée suite aux multiples pluies que nous avons eues au cours de l’hiver. Hum! Un gardien occasionnel ou des gardiens permanents…

Comme je suis amie avec le site Facebook de Marie-France et Luc, puisque Luc est le fils d’un cousin, j’ai osé leur demander s’ils désiraient rentrer au pays un peu plus tôt que prévu ce printemps. Ils pourraient s'installer chez nous et en même temps être les surveillants. La réponse de Luc fut rapide pour un OUI. Ils ont quitté la chaleur de l’Inde pour arriver le lendemain d'une tempête de neige et ce ne fut pas la dernière, ils ont dû pelleter souvent. Je me sentais un peu coupable d’avoir osé les faire revenir en plein hiver qui s’accrochait.

Marie-France et Luc ont pelleté de la neige, nourri mes oiseaux et en plus, se sont occupés des chevreuils qui chaque jour passent dans ma cour. Surtout un tout-petit chevreuil, peut-être blessé par la glace, qui a fait de l’entrée du garage son lit de fortune. ( Voir la vidéo sur leur site Facebook ). Nous gardions contact presque chaque jour par le biais de Messenger et à part la neige tombée, aucun incident n’est arrivé.

Au retour, notre maison était impeccable, trouvée comme à notre départ. Ils sont excellents gardiens et je les recommande fortement autant pour garder vos animaux de compagnies si vous vous absentez ou pour ne pas laisser votre maison inoccupée.

Merci, Marie-France et Luc, on reste en contact les amis.

Homesitting in Mackay (Australia) from November 29, 2017 to January 4, 2018

When we booked our overseas 6 week holiday, we were so excited but the nagging guilt and enormous amount of money it would have cost us to place our Bull Mastiff and 2 Burmese cats in a kennel for 37 nights, caused some serious anxiety.

I decided to post a question on a Facebook page asking what other dog and cat owners do with their beloved pets when they go away for long periods of time.  It was there I was given the idea to register on Mind my House.  The response I got was unexpected.  People from all around the world applied.

Luc and Marie France stood out!  I read all of their reference letters (over 20, I think) – and I just knew they were the real deal.  I replied to their email and we set up a Skype meeting with Luc.  After that we had regular emails back and forth.  Luc being very professional, usually replied almost immediately.

On the day Luc and Marie arrived, we met in person for the first time but it felt as if we’ve known them forever.  Such kind, welcoming people.  After meeting them in person there was no doubt in our minds that we made the right decision.

The next morning we left for our 6 week South African holiday.  We had regular updates from Luc and Marie.  Marie sent the most beautiful photos.  If anything went wrong at home they were quick to contact us and ask for directions.  Luc even went out to buy a new part for our pool cleaner and replaced it after he noticed it was not working as well as it should.

When we returned we were very surprised to find that they have come to the airport to collect us.  We had no idea that that was part of the deal.  Did not even have to pay $80 for a taxi back home.  When we got home I was well pleased with how unbelievably tidy the house was.  The pets were all healthy, happy and in very good condition.  Our Bull Mastiff, Diesel had heartworm and Luc and Marie took him to the vet for his injection and short hospital stay.  Diesel is slightly overweight and lost 3 kg as Luc walked him every day.

Marie being a very enthusiastic gardener has a ton of knowledge and planted / spread some ground covers all around our pool area.  She even planted a pineapple and I am very diligent in taking care of it now.

Not one day do we regret our decision in asking Luc and Marie over.  We would 100 % invite them back – the decision will be theirs.

I am available for references via phone call or direct email.  Luc will be able to provide my details on request.

Kind regards

The Oosthuizen Family

October, 2017 - 23rd reference letter received from home owner

Homesitting in Dorval, Quebec (Canada) from September 6 to September 28, 2017

Dorval, le 3 octobre 2017
A qui de droit

Ceci pour vous confirmer que Luc Bussières est venu garder notre maison et notre chatte durant le mois de Septembre 2017. A notre retour, nous avons trouvé la maison en ordre et notre chatte en excellente forme ( elle était en amour avec Luc car il l'a un peu....beaucoup gâtée ! ...trop même !!!! ) C'est donc sans réserve que nous pouvons vous recommander Luc. Encore merci Luc.

Hélène Britten

September, 2017 - 22nd reference letter received from home owner

Homesitting in Boucherville, Quebec (Canada) 2 times in July, 2017

Boucherville, le 5 septembre 2017 
Objet : Recommandation de monsieur Luc Bussières

Par la présente, nous tenons à vous faire part de notre grande satisfaction relativement aux services de gardiennage de monsieur Luc Bussières. Nous avons fait appel à ses services à deux reprises en juillet 2017 pour garder notre condo et notre petit chien Frodon, un bichon frisé. Monsieur Bussières est une personne très responsable et possède les qualités requises pour assumer diverses petites tâches dans une maison. Il est aussi une personne engagée à qui nous pouvons faire confiance.

Nous vous recommandons sans réserve monsieur Luc Bussières comme gardien de maison et nous vous prions d’agréer, Madame, Monsieur, nos salutations distinguées.

Danielle Bilodeau 
René Doré 

May, 2017 - 21th reference letter received from home owner

Homesitting in St-Hyppolyte, Quebec (Canada) from April 10th to May 12th, 2017

To: Whom it may concern
Re: Luc Bussières and Marie-France Turmel
We are more than happy to sincerely recommend Luc and Marie-France as house sitters and pet care-givers.
Thanks to MindMyHouse, Luc and MF looked after our house and two Siamese cats for a five week period from April through May 2017. Being responsible and totally reliable, they emailed us photos and kept us up to date with the situation at home, making sure that we had absolutely no concerns during our vacation. Upon our return home we found everything to be perfect - and they even had lunch ready for us!
We are proud to have Luc and MF among our friends – they really are two of the nicest and most interesting people one could hope to meet. In fact, we are now committed to have them stay to look after our house and pets for a similar period next year.
Any home owner would be very fortunate indeed to have Luc and MF as house sitters.
Finally, we would be very happy to provide further details, if necessary, to anyone wishing to contact us.
Janine and Stuart Fraser, Saint-Hippolyte, QC, Canada

Homesitting in Saribelen (Turkey) from January 14 to February 8, 2017

Marie France and Luc stayed in my house for the better part of a month, looking after my house and my animals, which is quite a task as I have 6 dogs and 6 cats!

They walked my dogs daily and did a great job of keeping them happy. This was made more difficult as one of my dogs is rather nervous aggressive and has to have meds everyday, morning and evening.

A vet came to check all my animals over before I went away and found all my other dogs also had ear infections in varying degrees of severity (one of the joys of living in the sticks I guess) but Marie France and Luc took it all in their stride and medicated the dogs religiously while I was away.

Marie France knows a great deal about gardens, but sadly the earth was frozen while they were with me, so she couldn't do any planting. But they did do a wonderful job of tidying my garden and even organizing my cupboards etc.

They are a wonderful couple, interesting and very entertaining. They have seen so much of the world and it was lovely chatting to them both. They both have a wonderfully positive attitude and were like a ray of sunshine in my house in the bleak winter days.

I can recommend them to anyone, they are a joy to be with and take their responsibilities very seriously. I do hope we can stay in touch, they are certainly welcome back here anytime xxx

Saribelen (Kalkan), Turkey
March 4, 2017

Homesitting in Cotacachi (Ecuador) from December 21, 2016 to January 4, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

Luc and Marie France house sat and pet sat for us for 2 weeks from December 21, 2016-  January 4, 2017.  We have a dog and a cat, both which require a decent amount of care.  Luc and Marie were excellent house sitters.  They were very responsive when my border collie became anxious with the local fireworks and even contacted and went to the vet.  They are very professional and very caring in their work.

When we returned, they had left my home cleaner than I had it.  Everything was VERY well taken care of and spotless.  On top of that, Marie France did an excellent job of maintaining my garden.  My pets were happy and healthy.  The entire time, I felt very assured that my property and my animals were in good care.

I would highly recommend Luc and Marie France as home sitters and pet sitters.  Should you want to ask me any questions, feel free to contact me, Kristin, at ksimmonlowman@gmail.com


Kristin and Dave Lowman
Cotacachi, Ecuador

January 13, 2017

November, 2016 - 18th reference letter received from home owner

Homesitting in Villarica (Chile) from October 26 to November 18, 2016

It is with great pleasure that we recommend Marie France Turmel and Luc Bussieres as house sitters.

Marie France and Luc stayed at our house in southern Chile while we traveled to the US. They graciously agreed to arrive 3 days before our departure date, so that they could get used to our pets’ routines (4 dogs and 2 cats). We were instantly taken to them, and felt as if we had known them all our lives. They both adapt to new situations immediately, and are incredibly flexible. 

Marie France kept in contact with us throughout our trip, sending pictures of the animals, and letting us know how everything was back home. Upon our return, the animals were in perfect shape, our house and our belongings had been excellently taken care of. 

Our only sadness is that they are now gone! We wish they lived in Villarrica and we could see them all the time. They are kind, intelligent, and sensitive people. We adore them!

If anybody needs more information about these 2 fantastic human beings, please feel free to contact us at rbflashner@yahoo.com

Rossana Flashner and Joe Paduch

Very long term homesitting in Boucherville (Quebec, Canada) from July 1st 2015 to August 10th, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

We would like to recommend Luc Bussieres et Mary France for housesitting. Mary France and Luc have taken care of our dog, our house, our garden, and our mail over a period of 14 months from july 2015 till august 2016. Simply put, we could not have been happier. They have taken great care of our possessions, and especially took great care of our dog. In addition, our garden and house looked better than it ever did before when we returned. Luc and Mary France kept us up to date with regular emails of how the dog was doing and what was received by mail. We can convincingly say that your homelife will be in great hands with them. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

Yours truly,

Gert van der Veen and Nicole Bilodeau
263 rue de la Jemmerais, Boucherville, QC, Canada
Contact: biloveen@videotron.ca

Homesitting in Beaconsfield (Quebec, Canada) from July 4 2016 to July 11, 2016

Je vous recommande fortement Marie-France Turmel pour s’occuper de votre maison, du jardin et de vos petits compagnons à 4 pattes durant vos voyages. J’ai aucun problème à vous la référer. Elle est excellente et j’ai entièrement confiance en elle. La maison était impeccable au retour. Elle a donné aussi beaucoup d’amour à notre belle chienne Paris et notre chatte Belle. Je suis certaine que vous serez satisfaite du service! 

Dr. Valérie Lavigne
Chiropraticienne, D.C. MSc.
Consultante en Lactation Diplômée de l'IBLCE, I.B.C.L.C.

April, 2016 - 15th reference letter received from home owner

Homesitting in Boucherville (Quebec, Canada) from November 26 2015 to April 7, 2016

Nous voudrions témoigner de l'excellence des services rendus par Marie-France Turmel et Luc Bussières, alors qu'ils ont pris soin de notre maison, courrier et déblaiement de neige, pendant notre absence de vingt semaines à l’hiver 2015-16.
Par leur professionnalisme, Marie-France et Luc nous ont mis en confiance, dès la première rencontre. Pendant notre séjour à l’étranger, ils nous ont informés de toute correspondance nécessitant notre attention et ont numérisé tout document pertinent. Notre sentiment de sécurité a été tel que nous avons même oublié que nous avions une propriété au Québec. C’est peu dire.
Nous recommandons chaleureusement Marie France et Luc à tout propriétaire désirant quitter son domicile l’esprit tranquille. Leur honnêteté, fiabilité et sens des responsabilités en font des personnes dont il fait bon s’entourer.


Marie-Pierre Lavoie et Claude Chayer

Homesitting in Beaconsfield (Quebec, Canada) from September 10 to September 28, 2015

Je voudrais témoigner de l'excellence des services rendus par Marie-France Turmel, alors qu'elle prenait soin de la maison et du jardin, pendant mon absence de trois semaines, en septembre 2015.
Marie-France est une perle précieuse. Difficile de trouver mieux! Je la recommande chaleureusement à tous. Son honnêteté, sa fiabilité, son sens des responsabilités, sa délicatesse et ses petites attentions en font une personne exceptionnelle.


Andrée morin

Dec, 2015 - 13th reference letter received from home owner

Homesitting in Beaconsfield (Quebec, Canada) from July 26 to August 17, 2015

Bonjour Marie-France,

Avec un retour chargé de nos vacances et le train-train du quotidien qui reprend aussi vite qu’il a été laissé. Nous tenons à te remercier pour avoir pris soin de nos petites peluches. Matheo et Max ont été tellement bien servis que nous avons pu profiter pleinement de nos vacances.
Nous sommes revenues à une maison bien soignée et surtout à des chiens heureux. Malgré le bébé Max de 5 mois et Mathéo le grand frère de 3 ans. Tu as bien su t’occuper d’eux et on t’en remercie énormément.
Famille Morin, Matheo et Max

Melaney-Jae Assee

Homesitting in Brantford (Ontario, Canada) from April 14 to May 28, 2015

To whom it may concern

Luc and Marie housesat for me from April 14 to May 28th 2015.  I can highly recommend them both for future housesits.  They took care of my two dogs and 3 cats and kept me updated with pictures and emails on a regular basis.   My family even commented on how well behaved my dogs were (better than they do for me!)

Whilst they were housesitting for me they had to deal with a few pet issues (mostly sick cats) and they took these on board without any hesitation or fuss!

They are both very kind, genuine and honest people who take to new situations easily.  My pets loved them-what more can i say!!

Please contact me if you would like to know anything further.

Tracy Webb-Collins
519 771 0553

April, 2015 - 11th reference letter received from home owner

Homesitting in Pitiwella (Sri Lanka) from March 17 to April 4, 2015

Hello Luc and Marie-France, thank you for looking after my house and my three dogs so well.............. I am also glad that the weather was mainly kind to you and that you enjoyed your stay in the area of Sri Lanka where I live.

The best reference that can be given is from Fraggle:

Luc and Maire-France were very good to me and my girls, Yasmin and Yala, they gave us nice long walks on the beach and remembered to feed us when they should............. I know I barked a bit when they first arrived, certainly at Luc - but that's only because I didn't know him very well however I soon realised that they were looking after us as our owner was away and as such became friends with them quite quickly.  Yasmin and Yala, being just girls rolled over on their backs for their tummies to be rubbed much more quickly but as the man of the house I needed to take my time......... I am Sri Lankan after all!!

My owner then returned and we had to say good bye to Luc and Marie-France - I hope I remember them if they should come back although I may bark a little - they were very kind to us and we all loved them playing with us and rubbing our tummies.  Lots of love to you both from Fraggle and of course my girls Yasmin and Yala.

What more can be said, my dogs appeared to be devoted to you both and Fraggle certainly missed Luc when you were gone... that is testament alone as to how well you looked after them as Fraggle takes a while to get to know strangers and for him to become your best friend is a very good sign indeed......... that is the most important thing for me - that the dogs were well cared for and they certainly were.......Fraggle is sending a big lick to you both and Yala and Yasmin would probably send you some cuddles as well, after throwing themselves on the ground to have their tummies rubbed of course.

I hope that your trip to Dambulla, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa and Kandy went well and that you managed to see all that you wanted to before you return to Canada.

I am very happy to write to any future house/dog sitters that may need more information in a reference and I would also be more than happy to have you house/dog sit again should you wish to return to Sri Lanka at any time.

With very best wishes for your future travels,

Heather Christiansen

February, 2015 - 10th reference letter received from home owner

Homesitting in Toowoomba (Australia) from February 8 to 20, 2015

To whom it may concern.....
Luc and Marie France looked after my house and particularly my two cats for two weeks, regularly sending me photographic emails of the cats. I returned to a spotless house and very contented cats.
They are a delightful and amiable couple....trustworthy and endlessly obliging. I thoroughly recommend their services.
PS Marie France also gardens!

Mary Gilchrist

February, 2015 - 9th reference letter received from home owner

Homesitting in Toowoomba (Australia) from January 18 to February 5, 2015

Luc and Marie France housesat for us for three weeks and looked out after our dog. We came home to a house and garden that looked like as a genie had been here and the dog wondering where his new parents had gone!! They are fabulous and you are very lucky to have them.
Judy Reynolds 

Thanku so much for my beautiful clean and tidy house, and fridge and laundry and everything also for my lovely garden, you are both stars and I can't thank u enough!!! I am not sure after the initial welcome that ziggie didn't think ,wait a minute ,where are my new parents !!!!
With a million thanks 
Love Judy

January, 2015 - 8th reference letter received from home owner

Homesitting in Cooyar (Australia) from Dec 12 to Dec 26, 2014


From December 12th to 26th, 2014, Marie France and Luc looked after my dog for me in Cooyar, Queensland (Australia). Marie France and Luc found that my male dog (named Marley) was easy to sit and, in turn, became firm favourites of Marleys.

Marie France and Luc have been very flexible and accepted the numerous changes of dates I required home/dog sitting.  For example, initial dates were scheduled as : December 5th, 2014 to January 14th, 2015. Then my situation changed and I asked for the dates to be changed to December 13th, 2014 to January 6th, 2015. When Marie France and Luc heard that I was leaving my property from January 18th, 2015 to at least the end of May 2015 they offered to stay until May 1st, 2015. I was delighted by their spontaneity and willingness to help me and accepted their offer. After two years on the market, my property sold just a few days before the beginning of their assignment so final dates were a lot shorter - December 12th to 26th, 2014.  Even then, Marie France and Luc accepted to home/dog sit for me and did a brilliant job.

We corresponded for quite a few months initially, but I first met Marie France and Luc around January 7th, 2015.  I was busy working in a nearby city but managed to stay with them on a few occasions.  This gave us opportunities to chat and get to know each other better.

It has been a pleasure to meet both Marie and Luc.  They have fitted into our community and many neighbours were saddened at the thought of their leaving at the end of the assignment. I would not hesitate, even in the short time I have known them, to strongly recommend Marie France Turmel and Luc Bussieres as reliable, honest and caring people, to assist, with graciousness, in whatever is required of them.

Colleen Leneham

August, 2014 - 7th reference letter received from home owner

Homesitting in Montreal (Canada) from June 3 to August 13, 2014

Merci pour les photos, et encore merci pour tout, j'apprécie notamment tout le rangement dans la cuisine et la voiture super-propre (enfin, l'était, avant que j'y emmène Alix ... ;-) )
Cela me fera très plaisir d'écrire la lettre en question, en français ou en anglais
3 février ´15: Triste nouvelle ici, mais prévisible, Alix est morte soudainement il y a 2 mois - elle s'est levée un matin, paralysée des jambes arrières, et 2 heures plus tard, elle est morte avant même que j'ai eu le temps de contacter un vétérinaire. Je vous remercie encore d'avoir si bien pris soin d'elle l'été dernier. Je l'avais trouvée en super forme (relativement pour son âge) à mon retour et j'étais bien contente du temps que j'ai eu avec elle cet automne. Anne

Anne B, Montréal

January 31, 2014 - 6th reference letter received from home owner

Homesitting in Cuidad Colon (Costa Rica) from December 17 to December 31 2013

You are the quietest house sitters I've ever had.  I did want to say goodbye and thank you.  You guys did a tremendous job and my animals all seemed really happy, except for last night.  But that was not your fault ;-)  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I hope you enjoyed my house as much as I enjoyed having you around.  Anytime you need a reference, I will be happy to oblige.  Take care and safe travels.  Please stay in touch.


November 22, 2013 - 5th reference letter received from home owners

Homesitting in Nuevo Arenal (Costa Rica) from September 30 to November 10 2013

Marie France and Luc recently cared for our home for two months.
They were very professional, friendly and helpful from our first communication right to the end of their stay.    I was comfortable and felt our home was in caring and competent hands.   Though a fee was charged they both did work around our home of their own initiative.    Luc was handy with fixing squeaky doors and trimming our live fence posts that had grown too tall and heavy which is not easy work. Marie France planted a vegetable garden,  flowers and shrubs to our land which was new and lacking landscaping.   It was wonderful to return to  professional plantings, sparkling clean windows and and fresh vegetarian dinner to welcome us home. They were communicative and handled all the needs of our home with out any qualms.
They speak Spanish, English and French which was a huge plus.

We highly recommend their services.

S. & M.F. Matichak

October 17, 2013 - 4th reference letter received from home owners

Homesitting in Tierras Morenas (Costa Rica) from September 24 to October 11 2013

Many, many thank you's !!♥♥♥  


Marie France Turmel and her husband Luc were introduced to us. We were looking for housesitters and caregivers for our Labradors, Sunny and Stormy while we travelled to Canada for 18 days.
We invited them to our house and immediately saw they're natural connection with the dogs.The dogs also fell in love at first sight. Because they had another housesitting job at the time, generous Luc shared his adorable wife with us while he remained on the job in Arenal.
After an exhausting 3 day trip home, we were greeted, first by 2 very happy tailwaggers and then by Marie France, a glass of wine for each of us and a delicious chicken dinner.
The house was clean, dogs were clean, she replaced laundry detergent, shower soap, no detail missed.
While we were away we received lots of emails and cute photos of obviously content dogs. She walked them every day and it was obvious they received lots of TLC.
Marie France is a professional gardener. She not only transformed our somewhat neglected garden, with a great deal of patience she taught our worker how to be more helpful and aware of the needs of the garden.

We cant say enough about this wonderful couple. Thank you Luc, for sharing and THANK YOU Marie France for everything you did to allow us to have peace of mind while away from home and for such a kind "welcome home". 

We highly recommend these wonderful, interesting people to anyone needing house and pet care. They really are perfect.

Sharon and Phil Baker

August 30, 2013 - 3rd reference letter received from home owners

Homesitting in Ojochal (Costa Rica) from April 20 to September 1, 2013

Marie France and Luc,
you came like two angels to me and made my place look close to garden of paradise.
Thank you MarieFrance for all the love you spread around you which worked through like a magic on all the plants you touch.
Thank you, Luc for transforming my pool to a crispy pure oasis.
And all the advice you gave me to maintain all...
I am very thankful.

Have a beautiful life.


July 10, 2013 - 2nd reference letter received from home owners

Homesitting in El Aguacate/Tilaran (Costa Rica) from May 17 to June 30, 2013

We couldn't be more pleased with the care that Marie France Turmel took of our house, our dog, and our property while we were away for six weeks.

She took extraordinary measures, way beyond our expectations, to assure that our house was cared for as we would care for it ourselves.  She also surprised us on our return by putting a prepared dinner in the refrigerator for us.  What a great thing not to have to think about what to do for dinner after traveling since the wee hours of the morning!

When we returned our house was as clean as when we left it, our dog was healthy and well groomed, and our gardens were in great shape.  We came home to clean linens, bed newly made up, fresh flowers on the table, and baked treats in the freezer.

Any household supplies and staple foods that Marie France used during the six weeks had been replaced.  We entrusted her with the use of our car and some emergency cash, and all was returned perfectly.  And our Tico gardener and neighbors had nothing but nice things to say about her.

While we were away, Marie sent us an email with pictures every few days to keep our mind at ease.  We really appreciated these communications, as well as her resourcefulness, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm and good humor.

Besides that, we found Marie France and her husband Luc to be charming and very interesting people.  We were very satisfied and recommend them highly for house-sitting.

Richard and Penny Spingarn
Tilaran, Costa Rica

April 4, 2013 - 1st reference letter received from home owners

Homesitting in Quizarra (Costa Rica) from September 14, 2012 to March 12, 2013

    Luc and Marie France housesat for us for six months recently in our rural farm in Costa Rica. They were two of the best sitters we have ever had. They had to take care of our 3 dogs and cat and keep an eye out for the horses. They did all this and took care of the vegetable and ornamental gardens.
     They are a very fit couple who had little difficulty working out ways to get around with our poor local transportation. Their cheerful dispositions were much appreciated by our local help. It was plain that they took good care of the house itself - it was clean and in good condition. We noted that they showed initiative in solving some small problems . Between the two of them they have a lot of different skills useful to property owners.
  We would recommend them highly to anyone looking for mature, responsible , flexible people to take care of their property.  Sincerely,

Elisabeth Jirik    (warrpb@gmail.com)

Various comments received from previous clients of Marie France

     Merci milles fois pour tes bons et loyals services, Gables Court a perdu quelqu'un de precieux et fiable, on n'a qu'a esperer ton retour un jour !!!!
Merci pour tout et Bonne Aventure !!!!!
Je t'embrasse,


     Une étape de vie qui se termine et une nouvelle qui s'ouvre toute grande. Et vogue la galère vers de nouvelles aventures !... je vous souhaite d'être heureux et en paix dans votre nouvelle vie. On va s'ennuyer de toi quand même MF; beaucoup même, même ! Notre petite jardinière énergique penchée sur nos plate-bandes en écoutant des classiques (littérature audio), ça ne pouvait que faire des plantes heureuses... Donnez des nouvelles et revenez de temps en temps !
Sylvie, Sean et Zoé xxx 

     Dear Marie France, Thank you so very very much for your care and love you gave to our family and garden. We will think of you. Have fun. With love
Candace & René

     Chère Marie France, un gros merci pour tout ton travail. Tu vas nous manquer. Nos meilleurs voeux pour tes projets futurs.
Louise et André 

     On vous souhaite beaucoup de plaisir et de belles aventures !
Andrée et Gregg

     Thank you for finding a replacement, I will definitely take advantage of Stephanie's services. No one can equal you, you are the best.

     Merci BEAUCOUP pour les tomates, les plants, les tuteurs, le fabuleux travail, la jasette et la compagnie ! Bonne chance au Costa Rica ! Nous avons hâte de te lire !  -Anne-Marie et Solange

     The best decision that the two of you could ever have made. We will miss you.
Anouk & Jorgen

     Nous sommes heureux pour toi et Luc et vous souhaitons de belles aventures enrichissantes pendant ce beau voyage.
Andrée et Maurice

     Wishing you all the best. I hope the future holds any good things for you. Happy travels !! With great thanks and wishing you happiness always.
Heidi x

     Bon voyage et bonne bouffe ! Pense à nous ! car nous allons penser à toi très souvent. Gros bisous !
Monic et Marcel

     Une belle vie (non des belles vies vous deux !!)
Anne xx

     Have a great time... and send some coffee.

     Profitez au maximum de l'année qui vient.

Marie France et Luc

Marie France et Luc